Welcome! I'm Jordan Moore.

I'm a senior software engineer at Within3 and one of the co-creators of Satellite. But more importantly...

I can help you get hired.

As you probably already know, the first engineer role is the hardest to land.

This is due to the experience paradox: you need a job to get experience, and you need experience to get a job. So how do you convince someone that you deserve their time when you have neither?

You have two opportunities: your CV and your technical interview.

A CV is your chance to make a great first impression. It will not get you hired; it is merely a self-advertisement, a strong, evidence-backed assertion that the company is not wasting their time by bringing you in for an interview.

To this end, I offer CV analysis. With this service, we will edit and polish your CV to ensure that it makes the right first impression.

Once you've passed the CV filter, you are scheduled for a technical interview. This is where all of the stuff you said you know how to do gets put to the test. As a senior software engineer, I have been conducting technical interviews for several years. I've seen countless interviewees succeed, while countless others have crashed and burned.

It pains me each time I have to reject a candidate. More often than not, the candidate has the necessary skills, but is unable to showcase them in the interview. In other words, being an excellent engineer isn't enough; you have to be an excellent interviewee.

And while engineering skills are at the forefront of the interview, there is a mountain of data being collected about your personality. As an example, you might be asked about collaboration and not realize that they're trying to discern whether you’re a team player, a freeloader, or somewhere in between.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the process is that the interviewer wants you to fail; it's exactly the opposite. We want you to be The One. If you are The One, the search ends! We've found our unicorn, and it's you.

So how do you make yourself The One? The good thing about interview skills is that they can be taught, practiced and mastered.

This is where I come in. Over the last few years, I've synthesized all of the best practices of successful interview candidates into an easily understood and reproducible set of interview strategies. My goal is to teach you these strategies over the course of our Mock Interview. Employing these best practices will give you a significant advantage over your competition, since your answers will satisfy exactly what your interviewer is looking for in a candidate.

It's hard enough to get past the CV filter; once you're scheduled for an interview, you don't want to waste your opportunity to be hired. One mock interview with me could mean the difference between hustling for a single job offer and juggling multiple offers at once.

Email me at jordanmoore753@gmail.com to solicit CV analysis, schedule a mock interview, or just chat. Hope to hear from you soon!