CV Analysis

The first impression you make is with your CV.

Your CV determines if you get an interview or not. It's really as simple as that.

This document is essentially an advertisement for you. It needs to sell the idea that you are an independent, conscientous person who can work productively as a member of a distributed team.

As a result, there are certain things that interviewers, like myself, are looking for in a CV. We desperately want to find a candidate who satisfies our requirements. However, it's actually surprisingly difficult to find a CV without red flags and is structured in a way that makes us confident moving forward with the candidate.

My goal with analyzing your CV is to remove any red flags and highlight all of the wonderful things about you and your experience that make you the perfect fit for a software engineer role.

To do this, I will treat your CV as if I'm considering you for an interview. Some questions I will ask are:

Make the perfect first impression; request a CV analysis today by emailing me at with your goals, timeline, and any additional information you find relevant. Hope to hear from you soon!

Cost: $75 USD